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to become a smart collector

Fastest rarity ranking reveals, clean and slick interface and 0.5% fee because we believe the user deserves more.


Lowest gas + Trading fees (0.5%)

Find & flip NFTs while paying the lowest gas and a flat 0.5% trading fee.

EIP-712 signing

Know what you're really signing.

Multisource Liquidity

Liquidity from multiple sources in one place

Powerful filters

Use our wide array of filters to comb through the NFT library with as much granularity as you want.

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Trait Analysis

Get even more granular data about a trait in a collection viz. floor price, number of sales, rarity, volume & percent listed.

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In Depth analytics

Check who is HODL-ing the most


Get in-depth analytics about a collection - volume, price and sales chart, floor distribution, top minters and holder activity.

And look at how traits are distributed

Portfolio Tracker

Keep track of the items in your portfolio and estimate the value of your current holdings and realized gains.

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List anywhere

Golom allows you to list NFTs on the platform of your choice.

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